Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian Barricade Rental Southern Md

Van Dalen Industries has been at the forefront of Pedestrian Barricade rental since 2008. We cater to special events such as concerts, football games, large events and more. Security Barricades isn’t just about crowd control. Its about safety. Construction site digs pose a hazard that only a pedestrian barricade rental can cure. Traffic control fences are great for concert or special events. Parking needs can change at the same venue from one event to the next, and van Dalen Induestries can consult with you on your temporary fencing rental needs so we can best serve you.


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Pedestrian Barricade Rental Washington DC

Although we’re located in Southern Maryland, in this line of work you often prepare yourself for the long haul. We actually service Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and sometimes South Carolina so serving Washington D.C. with their fencing needs is no problem for us. Its basically our backyard.

Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina

We serve all of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, and South Carolina with their Pedestrian Barricade fencing rental and crowd control needs. If you have questions, just call us today.

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